Is brand identity important?

In a word, yes.

When you’re building a business – big or small – one of the most critical steps is to establish a clear, cohesive and focused brand identity. In fact, it’s arguably the most important step and one that should be scheduled as early on as possible in your journey.


Put simply, your brand identity is who you are – at every layer and level of your business. What your brand looks like, its style and tone of voice, how it feels and what it stands for – these elements all make up your brand identity. It’s essential, and if you ask any entrepreneur, it’s likely you’ll be met with the validation that it’s something worth investing your time and resources into.

In some ways you can think of your brand identity as the foundations your business is built upon and without it, you’re likely going to have an incredibly tough time defining and building your business.


It might sound simple, but building a brand identity is a complex task and one that requires deep consideration. Essentially you want your brand identity to be a strong and true representation of who you are as a business, as well as your collective goals and vision. It’s also a living, breathing document that should evolve regularly to reflect new business initiatives and any new products or services that you may bring to market.

To build it requires dedication and desire – in equal measure – so it’s valuable to work with an expert to help guide you. While you may think you know your business inside and out, sometimes when you’re in the midst of building your brand, it can be tough to step back and ask yourself the tough questions or look objectively at your business through the eyes of others. 


If you’re still sitting on the fence, the truth of the matter is that your brand identity is designed to help inform and support every decision you make along the way. From your marketing direction, to your social media aesthetic, sales strategy and customer service tone of voice – your brand identity is the guide that will help to ensure your business runs as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Now that you know how important your brand identity is – is it time to invest in establishing yours? At The Content Cartel, we love nothing more than diving deep into a brand to help define their vision and set them up for success. Enquire today about how we can help!

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